Anxiety Disorder Individualized Treatment Program

At Princeton Cognitive Therapy, all types of problematic anxiety disorders and OCD are treated with techniques that have been verified through research as being highly effective.

Do you or your child suffer from one of the following concerns?

  • obsessive thoughts or compulsive behaviors that cause distress, take up too much time or result in avoidance of activities and situations
  • chronic worry 
  • excessive perfectionism
  • feelings of anxiety and panic when exposed to certain triggers or places or that happen "out of the blue"
  • avoidance of objects or places that elicit anxiety
  • social fears such as a fear of appearing awkward or doing something embarrassing
  • anxiety in children when separated from a caretaker

My practice uses state-of-the-art techniques to address all types of anxiety. These may include :

  • Exposure/Response Prevention (ErP) - a behavioral approach involving systematic and gradual exposure to anxious triggers that is effective for a range of anxiety disorders.
  • Cognitive Restructuring - Anxious thoughts are challenged, corrected and substituted with more accurate and useful thinking.
  • Relaxation and Breathing Retraining - effective in reducing highly distressing physical sensations of anxiety
  • Mindfulness and Meditation - Refocuses the anxious mind away from perceived threats to feeling grounded and calm
  • Comprehensive Model for Behavioral Treatment (ComB) - for body-focused repetitive behaviors often associated with anxiety
  • Parent Coaching - on managing anxious behavior and behavioral avoidance in their children and creating positive reinforcement plans

These methods have proven very effective for many individuals struggling with the impact of anxiety on their lives. Some clients have reported first trying general "talk therapy" treatments which were not tailored to treat anxiety disorders nor shown through research to be effective. It may be worthwhile to consider another approach - well-designed, evidence-based, cognitive-behavioral therapy for anxiety disorders.

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